Heating Belt Nanocare


Slimming belt Waist Trainer for Women Waist Trimmer Belt Weight Loss and Sweat Wrap Slimmer Kit for Men and Women Abdominal Trainer Adjustable Waist Cincher Trimmer Sport Sauna Effect

- Using for: postpartum women, reduce fat, people with pain, heat

- Help to reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, relieve stress, bring comfortable and relax feeling, compact, using everywhere and every time without any noise.

- MOQ: 1000 pcs

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Effect Heat evenly over the surface, fireproof and no electric shock, heating effect in cold weather, lose weight effectively
Full set 1 massage heating pad, 1 controller, 1 Adaptor, 1 manual book
Materials Fiberglass same as electric blanket material – fireproof, against electrocution, high protection

+ Single pad (for belly +buttock)

+ Double pad (for thighs + arm and in addition it can be used as a single pad)

Size Any size can be produced as customer required
Operation mechanism Operating voltage is used via a power adaptor
Input-output 220V – AC 56-60 Hz, 60 W


+ The belt has the function of creating a hot temperature to melt fat, kêp the ideal waistline for women.

+ Lose weight, reduce measurements quickly without using the medicine.

+ Treating backache and bone in the elder people

+ Japan-made hot belt melt fat, reduce toxins, make skin smooth.

+ Soothe aches and pains, abdominal pain, muscle aches.

+ Dissolve bruising blood

Instruction to use:

+ Electric Heating Pad wraps around the parts like the abdomen, calve, bicep, thigh, buttock, .....

+ Turn on the switch and enjoy the relaxation. Firstly, set to a high level of 7-8 for fast heating. Then low the level depending on the heat endurance.

+ Time to use: 30 minutes / time

+ You can use the heating pad while watching TV, sitting and reading,...

+ Use every day like exercising to keep in shape