Mosquito Repellent Cream


New Product 2020 Nanocare Mosquito Repellent Cream Skin Protector Cream

Anti Insect high quality and safety with Nano silver filter


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Supply Type: OEM / ODM available

Quantity available: 100 000 bottles

Main ingredients: Nanosilver, Aloe, Beeswax, Olive

Date of EXP: 3 years

Features: Skin Revitalizer, moisturizer, insect bites prevention, itching relief

Function: multiple- functions: anti-sect, prevent mosquito bites, moisturizing skin, mosquito repellent antimosquito cream

Use for: all skin types adults and babies, day and time use

Weight: 50gram / tube

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Quantity (pieces)

1 - 10000

> 10000

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