Nanocare Individual Disinfectant Water


OEM Anti-virus household Multi-purpose Non Irritating Eco –Friendly Antiseptic Individual Disinfectant Water

Nanocare Spray Hand Sanitizer | 80% Alcohol| Liquid Spray for Deep Penetration

Nanocare Spray Hand Sanitizer is your first defense. The Spray Hand Sanitizer features a powerful kill formula, at 80% alcohol. Liquid spray allows for an even and penetrating application of sanitizer. Simply spray on hands and rub in

  • 80% alcohol active ingredient -Health Organizations recommended standard.
  • Liquid spray allows for more even application and coverage, spray formula used in medical facilities.
  • hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Use when soap and water is not readily available.
  • Simple to use: Spray on hands and rub.

Transparent: YES                          Wash Style: water wash

Form: Liquid                                   Ingredient: CHEMICAL

Age Group: adults                          Brand Name: Alcohol Disinfectant Spray

Color: transparency                        Size:: 100ml

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