Nanocare Protective Face Shield Kids


Nanocare Face Shield Kids

Full face protection

The NANOCARE Face Shields provide complete protection to your face, right from your eyebrows to the chin. The shield protection saves you against dust, smoke, particulates, saliva or splash.

Comfortable to wear for longer hours

These face shields from NANOCARE is made with PET plastic with a layer of sponge layer that gives you’re the forehead the much needed comfort when you plan to wear it all day long. The good quality elastic will not hurt your ears or won’t cause any marks or irritation. It is easy to adjust as per the shape and size of your head. The anti-static coating treatment and clear and double-sided anti-fog effect further improves the wear ability.


The NANOCARE Face shield can be reused multiple times, provided it is disinfected properly after every use. All thanks to the breathable material, even when used regularly and on multiple occasions, these shields don’t give away any foul smell.

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