Osole Nebulizer


High-Quality Osole Nebulizer

Power: AC100v/ 230v/ 220v, 50Hz/60Hz

Application: For both adult and hildren

Function: Relieve inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system

Package: 1 set/ box

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High-Quality Osole Nebulizer

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Voltage: 230V, 50Hz, Noise level: 60dB, Average injection rate: 0.2ml / min


  • Before starting the machine should be cleaned (cleaning instructions included with the machine)
  • Place the inhaler in a clean, flat place, and make sure you can handle it.
  • Open the inner accessory cover (Accessories should be cleaned first).
  • Gently rotate the cap of the spray vial to remove it.
  • Put the prescribed medication in the gas spray bottle, the cone should be placed at the bottom, inside the spray vial.
  • Replace the air injector cap.

Package includes:

  • 01 aerosol inhalation atmosphere
  • 01 oxygen wire
  • 01 large burst (for adults)
  • 01 small inhaler (for children)
  • 01 throat tube
  • 01 nasal cannula
  • 05 air filters.

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